Your trust - the best award!

Hey Aleks, Ole and me just want to say thank you to you and your whole team for all the good work so far, your ideas, enthusiasm as well as high energy level and speed. Please send the whole team a warm and highly deserved thank you from FnP.

Julius Göllner

Founder & CEO at F&P Stock Solution Gmbh, indeed is a fantastic organization to work with, as they are very caring towards their partners. Collaboration cross-team was critical, encouraged, and motivating while driving our project. Team leader Alex, always listens to new ideas and is interested in learning from its employees, possibly for that reason team feel supported and professionally challenged. We hope to carry on with for a number of years and process in our improvement. is absolutely a company I would highly recommend to any of my partners in all stages of their activities, but especially those who are looking for a long-term cooperation. I wish you good luck guys! Keep it up!

Anvar Zaitov

Dolores Travel Services

Hi guys, I just want to say thanks for the great cooperation! Especially the work with Alex, Oleksii and Marky was always highly efficient and professionel. You guys helped me solving all kinds of technical problems in the field of B2C e-commerce. Without your help my business unit wouldn’t be where it is now!

Julian Räsch

Business Development at F&P, Head of Karma Fashion

Hey Alex and, the whole Fairmakler team wants to say thank you for your great work. We are very pleased to have such a professional IT-partner on our side. We really appreciate your know-how, your problem solving abilities and your working methods. We very much look forward to future joint projects and we will highly recommend you! Keep it up.

Robert Borchert

Co-founder and CEO at Fairmakler

Хотим поблагодарить команду профессионалов, которые создали для нас удобную и многофункциональную рабочую систему! В любое время ответят на все вопросы. Понятно объяснят и помогут разобраться. Сделают вашу работу ещё эффективнее и комфортнее!

Veronika Politaeva

Co-founder at Open Art Studio

Hey, the Fashion Flash Team and I want to say thank you for all the developing work, the creative ideas and fabulous support you did for us. In cooperation with you we created over years an effective event management system which is still constantly growing. Thanks for your engagement, it is a pleasure to work with you guys!

Georgios Kotsougianis

Head of Fashion Flash

Very productive collaboration and positive experience. I was impressed how quick we got a solution that was even better than expected. Very structured project approach paired with easy communication plus enthusiastic brainstormings. I really enjoyed working with you guys. Looking forward to the next project with you!

Dr. Daniel Djawadi

Geschäftsführer, Backflash Berlin GmbH